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FAQ for Brides

Q: How can I reserve your services for my wedding date?

A: I accept $500 deposits in the form of cash or credit card. Once we have discussed how many people want which services, I will email a simple agreement to you for approval. After you have signed and returned the agreement with your deposit, your day is officially booked. Deposits are non-refundable.


Q: What should I bring to my hair and makeup trial?

A: Please bring multiple photos of both looks that you like and photos of looks that you don’t like. Even if there’s one specific look you know you want, having a range of both “Love it!” and “Hate it!” photos will make it much easier for us to get on the same page about your overall aesthetic and make the magic happen. Pinterest pages welcome!


Please show up with clean, dry hair from the day before and no makeup. You may use your normal skincare products.


If you’ll be wearing a hairpiece, like a veil or adornment, please bring it if you can (If you can’t for some reason, don’t worry—we can work around that. Bring photos of it instead if you have them). If you plan on wearing fresh flowers, please let me know what you’re planning as far in advance as possible. We can use silk flowers to get a sense of placement during the trial.


I also recommend wearing a shirt with a similar neckline to the one on your dress, and you’re welcome to bring the necklace and/or earrings you plan to wear to see how your accessories will look with your hairstyle.


Q: Can I bring friends/family members to my trial?

A: You may bring up to 2 people to your trial. That said, it’s very important that we be able to craft your look the way you really want it without interference. Friends and/or family will be asked to wait up front until after we’ve had our trial session one-on-one to view the finished look.


Q: Is a trial run required if I already know exactly what I want?

A: Yes. We both want you to be happy on your big day, so it’s important that we make sure we can achieve the look you want with your specific skin and hair types. Bridal magazines often use extensions and hairpieces to achieve a given look (not to mention photoshop!) and I need to ensure that I’ll have everything I’ll need on hand on the day of your wedding to be able to achieve a look you’ll be pleased with. I can only do that after actually working with your unique hair and skin in advance.


Q: What if I think I need a second trial?

A: I allow 2.5 hours for the initial trial run, which is generally more than enough time to find the look a bride wants. That said, if you’re completely at a loss for what you want, please take some time to look at more photos and hold off on booking the trial until you at least have a general idea about what type of look you’re after. One trial is included in my bridal service prices; if you still feel that you need a second one, it may be purchased as an additional service at full price.


Q: I’d like someone else to do my hair—can you just do my makeup (or vice-versa)?

A: Although I will do just one or the other, I prefer to be responsible for both hair and makeup. Using the same person for both services ensures that you’ll have a harmonious overall look for your wedding, and minimizes the chances of any potential snafus with time management while you’re getting ready. If you do prefer for me to do only hair or only makeup, please put me in touch with the person who will be doing the other half as far in advance as possible so that we can collaborate on timing and style in advance. Please note that I charge an additional fee if another artist is present.


Q: I plan on changing dresses before the reception; can I also change my hair or makeup?

A: Absolutely! If you select a day rate for a Luxury Bridal Experience, you won’t incur any additional charges to change looks between events. If you’re using my services on an  à la carte basis, we can do this with an additional fee (and time allocation). Please inquire for details.

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